He was a newspaper man, and on Election Day 2020, I find myself thinking about him and missing him so much my heart aches.  He would have so much to say about what’s happening in this country, on this incredibly important election day that will alter the course of our nation. He may have been a gentle and kind man, but he was a man-eating information gatherer and passionate about his profession. He was the very definition of “a newspaper man.”

My father had an enormous appetite for what was happening in the world around him. I wish I could sit down with him tonight as the drama unfolds. Integrity, honesty, and accuracy were just a few of the words he would use when describing the important attributes of his career, attributes that are solely missed in the information world today.

This has been such a difficult year for everyone, and though I miss him tons, I’m glad he and Mom didn’t have to experience the trauma of 2020. So Dad, I hope you have a martini in your hand and a front row seat up there as the election returns come in. I know who you’ll be rooting for, AMERICA!