Hi Everyone,

I hope you’ve found time to get in some good summer reading. I’ve been fortunate to work through a stack of books I tucked away for these warm, lazy days. The most recent being The House Across the Lake by Riley Sager. I quite literally took it to the  lake with me and curled up in my comfy chair on the screened in porch.  As soon as I settled in, the rain began pitter-pattering on the leaves of the trees, the smell of wet earth filling my nostrils. How perfect I thought, to literally experience almost the exact setting of the very story I’m beginning. And it really was pretty perfect, until…well, but first.

The story begins when Casey Fletcher, a well known actress and widow escapes to her family’s lake house in Vermont after the devastating loss of her husband. His death has left her in a downward spiral. Drinking is now her favorite pastime, her career on the brink. Casey spends most days and night in an alcohol fog, yet somehow manages to save her neighbor, Katherine Royce from drowning. Katherine, a gorgeous supermodel lives with her handsome husband Tom in the house directly across the lake. They appear to be the perfect couple, but on a quiet evening while Casey is slipping into her bourbon buzz on her porch, she picks up a pair of binoculars and aims it towards the house across the lake. Casey’s voyeurism exposes a not so perfect couple and Casey soon suspects Katherine’s husband is trying to kill his wife.

This was a mystery thriller that was so promising. I’d say it was two-thirds of the way promising right before I wanted to throw this book in the lake. Yep. I hate to admit it, but it made me so angry. I was beyond disappointed in the direction the book turned. In fact, because I had already committed to reading two-thirds of the book, I pushed onward, but began implementing my speed reading skills to get through it. My speed reading technique is to skip lots of sentences, sometimes a paragraph or two. I just wanted it done. I’m not going to tell you what caused me to be so disappointed because that would give too much away. I will give you a hint. I don’t like supernatural. Maybe that was too big of a hint. Sorry! I felt like the literary rug had been pulled out from underneath me. So, there you have it, my take on The House Across the Lake. On to the next book in my stack!

Cheers and Happy Reading!