The snow was falling when we reached Chicago on that late February evening. Roads were icy, visibility challenging. My daughter was about to deliver her first child and her father and I prayed we would get to the hospital on time as we navigated the icy roads in an unfamiliar city on that blustery winter night. We managed to arrive just in time to see our daughter and kiss her on the forehead before she was whisked off to the delivery room for an emergency C-section. An hour and a half later, we were the grandparents of a healthy and beautiful nine pound baby boy whose birthday would be forever forged with a groundhog!

Today our grandson is three years old and I think of all that has happened in the years since his birth. So much has changed in the world, so much has changed us. But one thing hasn’t changed, the abundance of love we have for this child, so much so our hearts may burst of joy each time we see him. He is such a clever little thing, as well as strong, independent and loving. He is a shining example of what can be for the future. He gives us hope for this world that will be his. Happy Birthday little man! Coco and Pop Pop love you very much and we know you are one little groundhog that will never cast shadows, only light!