Hello Everyone,

How many of you have been avoiding mirrors? Me too. ‘Stay-in-Place’  has wreaked havoc on our usual routines that keep us, well, somewhat presentable to the outside world. I find my hair’s mostly in a clip these days, contacts rarely see me eyes, my robe is worn at least 50% of the day, with the other 50% clad in sweats. I’ve also discovered why I’ve avoided sweets most of my life. These Covid-19 days are trying at best!

However, on the flip side, I’ve been working on a piano piece I kept avoiding. It’s coming along fairly nicely if you ask me. My peonies are beginning to bloom and I’m spending more time tending to them. I’ve had more in-depth conversations with my granddaughter over Facetime, I finished reading four novels, learned the mating practices of birds (okay, weird but I was always curious), spent hours actually watching birds at the bird feeder outside my window, planted a star-gaze Lilly in memory of my sweet pup, and I speak to friends and family on a daily basis.

I know we have a long way to go before we can break out of this situation, but in the meantime, I will remind myself to find the ‘real’ beauty in my daily life. That doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally let the “F’ bomb fly, or eat the ice cream straight out of the container with the freezer door still open, or wear the same pair of sweats three days in a row. Oh no, that’s going to happen for sure. But I’m gonna come outta this in a better, more beautiful place. Stay safe everyone! We’re doing the best we can!