If and when I get to heaven, I have a few questions. For instance:

  1.  Do I get to pick the age I want to be for eternity, or do I have to stay whatever age I am when I entered? I would like to request thirty-two. Past the mostly insecure years, still young enough to look and feel pretty good.
  2. Is there a dress code? I’m not much into Birkenstocks or togas.
  3. Do we eat? And if so, do calories matter? I could do ice cream 24/7 if allowed.
  4. Do we set goals for ourselves, or do we automatically know what’s expected of us? I know it’s heaven and all, but you did provide us with a brain, well most of us you did.
  5. Will I have good hair days for eternity? Oh, please say yes to this one!
  6. Do we lose “the blues”? Asking for a friend.
  7. Are there dogs in heaven? I don’t think I could survive even in heaven without them. Cats, I’m okay either way.
  8. Is all truly forgiven if you’ve asked for forgiveness, even if you’ve done some pretty awful stuff? Again, asking for a friend.
  9. Will I see my parents, grandparents, and friends who have arrived before me. I pray this one will happen.
  10. What now God?