Hi Everyone,

I’ve spent two days trying to write a paragraph. Well, two days of sitting in front of the computer for a significant stretch of time. It takes me longer to write a tight, clean and concise paragraph, than it does to write a chapter. Years ago I remember another writer speaking about this.Though I can’t remember who it was, I do recall¬† he or she saying “short takes longer.” Meaning fewer words to clarify something is harder and requires more thought. I whole heatedly agree. I have spent the last two days trying to sum up the plot of my next book in as few words as possible, pitching it in such a way to wet your appetite.

As a result, I’ve stopped and started, erased and added, tossed my thoughts out completely only to begin down an entirely new path. Without a doubt, you have read tons of these finished products. After you’ve scanned the cover and title of a book, you flip it over and read the synopsis on the back that briefly summarizes the story line. If the writer doesn’t capture your interest in that brief moment, they’ve lost you. The book either goes back on the shelf, or you continue searching the computer for something else.

A writers job is to quickly capture your attention and I’ve grown to love the challenge. The first step to success is getting the reader to turn the page. I promise to try and not disappoint. It won’t be long now before I’m able to share my next book with you. I’ll keep you posted. Wishing everyone a wonderful new week. I hope you can find time to escape with a good book. Stay safe everyone!