Hello Everyone,

I love to write. But I didn’t start writing to make a name for myself, or add to my income, or simply pass the time in my years of retirement. If those were my intentions, I can tell you that the latter is the only one of those statements that’s actually come close to the truth, it’s certainly helped me pass some wonderful hours in retirement. The real reason I write, is because I feel in my heart that I can tell a good story. I want to give the reader something they could get lost in. That is my motivation. Since the publishing of Bird and The Fireflies of Estill County, I have been overwhelmed with the touching responses I’ve received. I’m so very appreciative for those who have reached out through phone calls, book clubs, emails, and have written reviews on Amazon.

When I check into my site on Amazon and see I’ve got a new review, I’m thrilled. I love to hear what readers think about my work. Sometimes I’ll get the occasional negative review, but that’s a price you pay for putting yourself out there. I’d love to here from everyone who’s read my work, and if you have written a review, THANK YOU! If you haven’t had the time, I understand, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could¬† find a few minutes in your schedule to let me know what you think. Bird and The Fireflies of Estill County can be found at: https://www.amazon.com

If you have friends who are avid readers and like mysteries, let them know my books are available in both Kindle and in hardcover.

Here’s just a sample of my latest review:

And this is why I write.