Hi Everyone,

I know many of us are looking for strength and struggling to find hope and remain positive in these stressful times. Nothing says happy holidays like a full blown pandemic that has killed a quarter of a million of us. Adding insult to injury we are isolated from from friends and family and are trying to tune out the insane political noise. It’s enough to make you  go mad. Wait! I just might be there already. I’m not handling things well and I’m about as productive as raking leaves in a hurricane. I don’t know what I’m suppose to be doing. So, I spend way too much time in my own dull gray matter and lately I’ve been thinking to myself WWJD – what would JANE do?

Jane was one of my nearest and dearest friends and probably the most productive and driven human beings I’ve ever known. When she died, she left a black hole in my heart. Jane had a personality and a laugh that filled the room. She was afraid of nothing and no one. It’s rare to have known someone so completely comfortable in their own skin. And she was. She was also the community organizer, the hostess, the volunteer, the trip planner, and the chairman of the social committee. If there was a task, she’d do it. If she were here today among this mess, she wouldn’t be dragging her feet wondering what she should do.

I can just hear her now, “What’s wrong with you? Get up and get moving. Don’t you have another book to write? How about we do game night or book club on Zoom. I’m heading to the pool for swim aerobics then I’m dropping off these thing to the Scholar House. I’ve got a pot of spaghetti sauce on the stove and bourbon slushes in the freezer. I’m listening to this podcast on Italian living. Grab your coat and scarf, call the girls and meet me in the backyard.” Jane wouldn’t sit idle, that’s for sure. She shames me even now at my lack of motivation. Darn you Jane!

I know what Jane would do. She would do something, anything that makes herself or others happy. She was not one to feel sorry for herself and she would certainly let you know if you were. With that said, I’m going to get moving, and try and accomplish some things. I miss her and I thank her for leaving her profound presence for me to trip over now and then. And I know she’s laughing when I do. I’ll bet everyone has their own Jane. They sure are bossy, but we still listen and love them.