Hi Everyone,

Wanted to give you an update on my progress using Noom. I have been on the program for three full weeks and look to be down a little over 5 lbs. That’s good. I’m happy with that and I’m happy with the program overall. It is different than other programs I’ve tried in the sense that it’s all done online through the app. There is accountability built in. Here’s what my average day looks like as I’m “Nooming.”

I weigh myself first thing every morning. Yes, this is the part I hate. I really I do. It’s hard to see the dial on the scale move so slowly because you weigh yourself each and every day. With most other programs you weigh in once a week. There is a psychological aspect with weighing in every day, it becomes your routine, Not one you like, but one that begins your day. It also keeps you constantly aware of where you are daily in your weight loss journey. But, I still hate it.

Next, I get in my workout, whether it’s the elliptical, a run, a walk, or my weights. I do something each day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the mornings, but that’s what works for me. Throughout the day I try and get in at least 8 glasses of water. That’s tough for me, but I know it helps. I just plan on being somewhere near a bathroom when nature calls.

Okay, what’s next. Oh yeah, breakfast. This is when I sit down and I’m not suppose to use any electronics as I eat. Why? Because it has been scientifically proven (don’t ask me to reference the science) we eat more when we are watching television, using an IPhone or an IPad, etc. So, what do I do? I use my phone while I eat, sorry, not sorry. It’s a convenient time for me to check into my app, log my weight, my meal and take the mini lessons they provide. Oh, and there’s always a pop quiz. They want to know you’re paying attention.

The rest of the day is logging in meals, water consumption, and checking in with your “support group” or your coach if you want to. I am going to admit something, I’m already getting tired of the whole logging in stuff. It does help me be accountable, but it’s monotonous. Here’s something else that’s bothering me. I have remained at the same weight for four days, with ounces going up and down. I’ve plateaued after only losing 5 lbs. and it’s discouraging. I know it could be a multitude of reasons from sodium levels, metabolic issues, exercise, and calorie intake. But I was hoping for quicker results. According to my coach, it is not unusual to plateau and I should push through it.

I am 3 lbs. away from my goal, so it’s not like I had lots to lose. And I know that the quicker I take it off, the faster I’ll most likely gain it. I will stay with it until I reach my goal. I just want to feel comfortable and strong. I do feel a difference in my core, even if it is just 5 lbs. and I’m making better choices. My aim is to feel strong and healthy.

That’s where I am in week three of Noom. I will let you know if the next couple of weeks if I’m able to reach my goal. In the meantime, feel free to ask me questions and give me feedback. I’d love to hear from you.

Hang in there. Spring is coming, vaccines are here, and things are looking UP!