Hi Everyone,

It’s been awhile since my last post. The holidays have come and gone and we are turning the corner on winter. My motivation to write is reflected in my absence. I’m not a fan of January, February, or March. It’s not the months fault. They can’t help it that they’ve been assigned to the winter queue on the calendar. I refer to them as the doldrum months. They’re dark, cold, and stagnate. Puts me in a foul mood. I certainly don’t want to wish my life away, but I’m always in a hurry to see these months behind me.

But winter is still upon us and I’ve got one more hill to climb. Next month I will be the proud recipient of my second hip replacement. Funny, I ran for years to improve my health only to ruin my hips. I don’t regret the years I spent jogging. Running for me was a gift a gave myself. I loved pounding the pavement and pushing my lungs as I tackled a torturous hill. The best part though, was and is being outside, even in the doldrums months with only my thoughts. Heck, running in my neighborhood helped me write both my novels. The ending of Bird came to me as a jogged up the hill of Crosstimbers. Most of the character of The Fireflies of Estill County were developed in my head on Polo Fields Lane. I loved all of it. And I don’t regret any of it. It was worth it.

These days I walk daily with the Willow, my Golden Retriever. Today I even jogged half a block. Whether I’m jogging or walking, it’s the movement I live for. In a few weeks the surgery will limit my movement, but I’ve made the decision to go another round of hip surgery so I can have more years to move. The doldrum months won’t last, neither do hips, so I’ll make the best of it and carry on.

Spring’s around the corner and that’s promising. But if you do get bored while waiting for the daffodils to bloom and you haven’t had a chance to read Bird or The Fireflies of Estill County, they are still available on Amazon. If you’ve read them, thank you and tell your friends about them. Here’s to an early spring.