Hi Everyone,

They told us it would be gone by Easter. It wasn’t. They said it would vanish by Memorial Day! It didn’t. Now we’re rounding the curve coming into Independence Day, and it’s still here. Covid-19 is thumbing it’s deadly nose at our holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and our daily lives.  It’s simply doesn’t care. But we have to. And I believe the vast majority of us do care and are taking whatever precautions we can. Yet….

Just this weekend my daughter and son-in-law took a well deserved break while my husband and I watched the kiddos after supper. They took their masks and strolled to the little ice cream shop a few blocks away. They got in line, 6 ft. apart from others waiting also. Folks were only allowed in a few at a time and only with masks. While in line, a group of folks decided to stand directly behind my daughter and son–in-law, totally ignoring the 6 ft. markings on the sidewalk, nor were they wearing their masks. When my daughter politely asked them to scoot back a bit, she was shocked by their reaction. Not only did they make nasty comments, they began coughing in her direction, just out of meanness.

Needless to say, she and my son-in-law were upset when the arrived home.  My daughter couldn’t believe that adults could act like that. Well, unfortunately as we look around at what has happened in this country, and how this deadly virus has been politicized, I am not at all surprised by what happened. I am just deeply saddened.  It seems so simple. It seems so logical. Wear a mask, stand 6 ft. apart, avoid large crowds, spend time outdoors as much as you can when meeting friends and family, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and most importantly respect and care for others in your community.

I know I’m preaching to the choir, but another holiday is upon us. People will be attending gatherings to celebrate our nation’s birthday. However, it comes with risks and simple precautions will save lives. Because, the virus doesn’t celebrate Independence Day.

Think about others and their families as well as your own. Have a happy 4th of July. Stay safe America!