Dear Lilly,

I knelt in front of you, your beautiful face in my hands, and I looked into your eyes. I told you how much I love you now and forever and I promised you that you weren’t going to hurt anymore. I gave you a lifetime membership to my heart, assuring you that I would never, ever forget you. I told you to say hello to my Dad, Mom, Jane, and Grandma Ann when you see them. I told you not to bite Helen. Just kidding, you’d never bite anyone.

You told me how much you loved Marty and I. You said that you understood what I had to do and that you would have done the same for me. You told me to say goodbye to Benjamin, Kristina, Natalie, Abby, Miran, Otto, Felix, Katy, Chris, Nicholas, Ella, Jim, and Lisa. You told me your favorite things have been the water bottles, the rawhides, the pretzels, the popcorn, tug of war, fetch, Xmas, birthdays, and all our walks in the park. You told me you loved that we chose you to be a part of our family. Then you told me you were ready to go.

You said all those things with your eyes, and I heard you. I hope you heard me. Goodbye my sweet, beautiful girl. You brought us more joy that you can imagine. On this Mother’s Day weekend, I send you all the love a mother can give to her canine child.


Love, Mom